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Tiga Bamboo Cutting Board

Tiga Bamboo Cutting Board

Product Code: B111

For a dazzling custom cheeseboard you're in good hands with a Tiga! This personalised gift or promotional item is crafted using premium Bamboo each with its own contrasting patterns and straight grains. So, no two personalised cheeseboards are ever the same. Bamboo boards guarantee the best results in terms of durability, eco-compatibility, and food safety while adding touches of elegance and class to your kitchen. Brilliantly versatile, you can use the boards every day whilst making packed lunches for the kids, preparing ingredients for a large family meal, or to serve cheese, cooked meats, and more when you have guests. If that's not enough, there's no need to worry about constantly sharpening or replacing your knives either as this board won't blunt your knives or wear them out! Learn more, enquire today!

Product features:
• Made from biodegradable bamboo
• Versatile - can be used to chop vegetables, meat, and fish
• Durable - stronger than steel, bamboo chopping boards survive even the most overzealous chopper
• Naturally anti-bacterial - bamboo is resistant to bacteria whilst simultaneously being resistant to food
• Multi-use - can be used for chopping, cutting, and serving produce such as bread, cheese, and
• It’s lightweight, making it easy to clean
We can laser engrave however please note no two products will have the same outcome. We
encourage Food Grade Ink, which is FDA approved.




149mm wide x 203mm high




- Screen print
- Engrave

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