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Thea Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinder

Thea Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinder

Product Code: D169

The Thea Automatic Salt & Pepper Grinders make adding a bit of spice to any meal effortless. These grinders visually aesthetic with their minimalistic Scandinavian design and pantone colouring. They come in a set of two perfectly matched monochrome colours and are not only a kitchen essential but also a beautiful piece of décor.

The Thea utilises gravity to automatically grind salt, pepper, or another spice of your choosing over a meal or when cooking. All you have to do is turn the stainless-steel top to set your granule size, tip your Thea Grinder upside down and let magic happen.


- Grey
- Natural




304 stainless steel


Custom shape sticker

Minimum Order Quantity


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