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Swirl Eternal Pencil

Swirl Eternal Pencil

Product Code: SP21-STA-02-PNK

An Eternal Pencil as unique as you! A pencil that is fun, lightweight and never needs sharpening, so is ready to go whenever you are!

A pencil tip made with a sturdy graphene material, which can withstand extremes like temperature, humidity, and the test of time. It never needs refills and can handle bumps and falls without sustaining damage. 

- Fun and lightweight Eternal Pencil, always ready to use without sharpening
- Sturdy graphene pencil tip withstands temperature, humidity, and time
- Never needs refills and can withstand bumps and falls
- Enjoy a unique and hassle-free writing experience
- Embrace the convenience and durability of this everlasting pencil.

We aim to reduce the production of pencils and ease the strain on our environment, so we can create less waste and keep more trees. We believe caring for natural resources begins with changing our thinking. Choose Eternal Pencils instead of regular pencils as a step forward in protecting the earth.


- Bright blue
- Pink
- Yellow
- Purple
- Black
- Glitter
- Clear





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