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Miss Kitty Laptop Sleeve 15"

Miss Kitty Laptop Sleeve 15"

Product Code: SP21-STA-19-ORN-15

Made from a blend of quality felt and premium PU leather, our lightweight eco-friendly laptop sleeves have plenty of room for whatever you need throughout the day. Featuring two outer pockets and a padded inner layer, this sleek, environmentally conscious sleeve keeps your laptop and accessories safe and stylish.

- Lightweight made from a blend of quality felt and premium PU leather
- Eco-friendly construction for a sustainable and conscious choice
- Spacious design with ample room to carry your essentials throughout the day
- Two outer pockets provide convenient storage for accessories
- Padded inner layer ensures optimal protection for your laptop and other belongings
- Sleek and stylish design, combining functionality with an eco-friendly mindset.



- Grey
- Brown
- Orange


Approx. 400mm wide x 280mm high


Quality felt & premium PU leather with top-stitching, padding & etched lattice pattern


Etching on PU leather panel

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