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Fabric Mesh Banner

Fabric Mesh Banner

Product Code: FMB

Our Fabric Mesh Banners are perfect for advertising your products or brand outdoors on construction site fences as the Mesh SignWeave™ Fabric Material lets the air through so to reduce the wind pressure on your fence. Fabric Mesh Banners can also be used at events and exhibitions as a lightweight transparent backdrop. They are easily folded and packed into your suitcase making them an ideal travel companion!

We can finish your Fabric Mesh Banners with eyelets every 500mm or 1000mm making them simple to install indoors or outdoors. If you want to use them as a transparent backdrop on your existing stand, we can simply hem the edges and you can stretch and pin them up. Each edge is reinforced with strong 25mm wide webbing - providing an incredibly strong finish. Our quality SignWeave™ Fabric Material can be ironed or steamed to remove creases. Fabric Mesh Banners can be folded and easily shipped without risking any damage as the banners are lightweight they are easy to travel with.


Full colour dye sublimated print


Finishing options
- Hemmed edges & stainless steel eyelets
- Hemmed edges only

Eyelet configuration
- Eyelet every 500mm apart
- Eyelet every 1000mm apart


2000mm wide x 1000mm high
3000mm wide x 900mm high
3000mm wide x 1000mm high
3000mm wide x 1600mm high


120gsm Mesh SignWeave™ fabric material

Minimum Order Quantity


Additional Information

- Made in Australia
- Finished with webbing reinforcement in each edge
- Perforated mesh material lets wind pass through
- Great for events and exhibitions
- 2 finishing methods available

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