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Bow Flag

Bow Flag

Product Code: BB

Enhance your brand's presence with our stylish Bow flags. Ideal for outdoor events, storefronts, trade shows, and more, these flags deliver high-visibility advertising in a sleek, eye-catching design.

Outdoor events and festivals
Storefront advertising
Trade shows and exhibitions
Sports events and races
Product launches
Corporate events
Real estate open houses

Our bow flags combine striking visuals, durability, and ease of use, making them a versatile tool for any marketing campaign. Order yours today to create impactful, attention-grabbing displays.


Full colour dye sublimation printing


Base options
- Ground spike
- Cross base
- Cross base & water bag
- Premium cross base
- Premium cross base & water bag
- Heavy duty square base
- U-shaped car base
- 0 degree wall bracket
- 30 degree wall bracket
- Vertical floor bracket

Print options
- Single sided (mirror reverse)
- Double sided

Sleeve colour options
- Black
- White


- Small: 700mm wide x 2400mm high
- Medium: 750mm wide x 3000mm high
- Large: 750mm wide x 4000mm high
- Jumbo 800mm wide x 4950mm high


High quality woven fabric material

Minimum Order Quantity


Additional Information

- Great for events
- Easy to assemble and tension

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