The 5th China International Import Expo

The 5th China International Import Expo

Clickpress Group partner, Space 18 brings four years of experience to China by participating in the fifth CIIE event in Shanghai. We are the only exhibitor representing Australian eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle brands. Space 18 represented our beliefs of taking action towards protecting the earth and the importance of cultural exchange

The China International Import Expo is the world's first large-scale national-level exhibition themed on imports and has been successfully held for four sessions previously, with this year being the fifth. 

With the long-term economic strain caused by the pandemic that is still affecting economies around the world, China is willing to share the fruits of development and promote mutual benefit and win-win results with the world. 

The grand China International Import Expo turns exhibits into commodities and exhibitors into investors. Exchanging ideas together, connecting China and the world, and becoming the four major platforms for international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges, and open cooperation.

The remarks from the opening ceremony show us the confidence and responsibility of a more open China and demonstrate the honest efforts that they are making to open up.

This reaffirms to us that the CIIE is a glowing representation of China's continuous commitment to expand high-level opening-up and to achieve high-quality development. Through the expo, we can experience the connection between China and the global market, the mutual promotion of innovation and development and the opportunities brought by greater inclusivity and openness.

In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai, China in 2022, we successfully navigated the obstacles presented by this unprecedented period and proudly participated in the 5th CIIE. Our presence at the event was not only notable but also acknowledged by the organisers, who honoured us with an award in recognition of our unwavering excellence throughout these testing circumstances.

If you face challenges head on, with a strong motivation and drive then success will come to you. 


Win-Win Cooperation Award for the 5th Anniversary of CIIE

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