When Tech Meets Tradition: A Case Study in Binder Innovation

When Tech Meets Tradition: A Case Study in Binder Innovation

Ever heard of the big shot Ernst & Young in the professional services world? Well, they gave Click Press Group (CPG) a wild task: make a brilliant ring binder with a video screen inside. CPG's reputation for daring ideas made them the perfect fit for this exciting challenge.

CPG faced some tough obstacles on this adventure:

  • Small and Mighty: They needed just 10 binders, but each one had to be spot-on perfect.
  • Money Matters: The budget was tight, so CPG had to get crafty to make things work without sacrificing quality.
  • Breaking New Ground: No one had ever put a video screen in a ring binder before. CPG had to start from scratch and build prototypes.
  • Against the Clock: Time was super important, so CPG had to be quick on their feet to get things done on time.

Using fancy tech and clever ideas, CPG tackled the challenges head-on:

  • Colour Magic: With high-tech printing, CPG got the binder's colour to match Ernst & Young's branding – a whopping 90% close!
  • Smooth Look: They added a special coating that made the binder look and feel awesome, just like how Ernst & Young rolls.
  • Clever Build: CPG combined a tough hard-case cover with the ring binder and squeezed in a slim 5mm video screen. Magic!
  • Buttons That Click: CPG took it up a notch by sneaking clickable buttons into the cover, given the binder that tablet feel!

The Ernst & Young and CPG dream team turned an amazing idea into reality. This project was like proving the impossible was possible, showing off CPG's skill and dedication. Some key wins:

  • Promises Delivered: CPG not only made a dream come true but did it in style, breaking the rulebook.
  • Budget Champ: They made the budget work while keeping things top-notch and right on time.

This partnership proves that CPG is all about pushing limits and making wild, outside the box ideas come true. Cheers to innovation and pushing limits, one video-packed binder at a time!

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