End to End Management. CPG’s Approach to Multi-Level Projects

End to End Management. CPG’s Approach to Multi-Level Projects

When it comes to delivering big projects and providing top-notch services, few can do it better than CPG. That’s why when long-time client ETCOM had a multi-level project, they knew just who to turn to - us! We manage every detail of the project from sourcing merchandise to international delivery to the end user. Read on to find out how we did it!

Our first task was to produce branded merchandise and event signage for the end user, MoneyGram. This was no small feat! We prepared art mock-ups, liaised with our print partners, and ensured everything was produced to a high standard and delivered on time.

Our job didn’t stop at producing great merchandise. We also identified and implemented the perfect storage solution for ETCOM's stock before shipment - CPG's own warehouse facility in Sydney. Working with our logistics team, we made sure that all of the stock was securely stored so that it could be shipped out quickly and efficiently when needed.

Our team of experts managed shipments throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands, seamlessly delivering products to the end user's various locations. We handled every step of transport, from packing up goods to dispatching them, preparing all necessary customs paperwork, and providing updates along the way.

Working with ETCOM, our team of professionals went above and beyond to deliver exceptional results that satisfied all the clients' needs. We combined research, production savvy and logistical know-how with impeccable quality control practices - giving you total confidence when trusting Clickpress Group for your next project!

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