Cultural Branding from Concept to Completion

Cultural Branding from Concept to Completion

As a team, we are proud to have worked closely with the team of Master of Buddha on this project. The project is an excellent example of how Clickpress Group (CPG) contributes their creative knowledge and expertise to the association while also fortifying our commitment to social responsibility.

The Brief
Upon receiving the brief for this project, we were faced with limited budget and an urgent deadline. Our creative and production team needed to understand the foundation’s education philosophy and recognise the serene and humble core of the Buddhist philosophy.

The Solution
The team worked extremely hard on a project very different to what they are used to. Commercial projects and clients have a particular creative strategy – with this project, we had to think differently, be more open, and embrace a new way of thinking. Our team learned and came to understand Buddha’s philosophy, with compassion, generosity, and modesty. They worked long and hard, through day and night, to ensure the messaging was authentic, genuine, and heartfelt. From interviews, to film production, branding development, event organization, and delivering the entire project on time and of the highest quality, the CPG team have outdone themselves.

The Outcome
Hsing Yun Education Foundation have been extremely pleased with the outcome and we are grateful for their acknowledgement and praise.

This project showed our team that they can go to the next level. They pushed themselves and discovered that through challenge and thinking beyond the status quo, that they can truly service any market at the highest level. They learned every day, consistently strived to give their very best, and never gave up. Achieving at such a high level and delivering such exceptional quality work, CPG is proud to maintain our motto – to do our best and stay humble.

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